My prayer

Today is the last day of our University’s scholars week, and i gave a poster there.  I met with several my former calculus students and heard they will go to Notre Dame and Wyoming for PhD study in geoscience and i am so proud of them.  Then i met one of my calculus II student, he was a physics major, after my class he realized he loves math and changed to math major. He has 4 brothers and sisters, his mom was raising them, and there are some issues in his family, financially and other. But he thinks he is lucky and blessed to go to college, to study, even to work the whole weekends and study until 2 or 3 am in the morning. He is a student who have talent in math and scientific thinking. He is also an honor student, but because of his work as a bartender he cannot put every hour to study. In my NSF grant proposal, i asked money to sponsor undergraduate research for every year for 3 years. I realized not only me needs this grant, but also my students. I want to give them at least an opportunity to stretch out, to be lifted up,to do what they cannot afford to do, i think he will be a very good candidate for graduate school. So please help  all of us. May all the honors and glories be to you.

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