Good mood

The weather is getting cooler and cooler, which is good for my allergy, but i also need plenty of sunshine to play outside. Spring is gorgeous. All the green, the diverse color make your eyes feel so good.

I will put a complete period of this semester. It feels so good, i cannot help with it. And imagining we will move to the new house, Oh, life is good.  I have furnitures floating in my mind, all the paintings, frames on the wall, the decorations …. Life is so beautiful.

And my baby boy, he is really growing up, from a baby to a boy. He is so cute, the smile on his face will melt you down. I like him running around, “saying” a lot, and says “Mom, Qi3 (means get up)”. Oh, i just love him. He inherits a lot from both of us, i can imagine when God was making “the image of His own”. Such a joyful feeling.

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