Faith and Life

What is life? Life is a battle, a spiritual battle between us and the evil, through Jesus Christ. A life long battle, and we choose to believe the winner is our Lord.

I always wonder why God created us? ’cause of love, the most common answer. The parable is when a husband and a wife love each other so much they conceive a baby. So we are the babies of God. Honestly I don’t buy this 100%.

From the moment when Eve ate the fruit and Adam did the same thing, the battle began. We are born with sinful nature, we have to constantly fight with it with the help of Christ. Our spiritual journey, at least mine is like a sine curve, with peaks and valleys, being on peaks is short since it is “unstable” there physically, it is so easy to going downward, and it is much longer being in the valley since it is “stable.” It is so easy to fall from the peaks and so hard to climb the hill to reach the peaks again. It is like a vibration damping, hopefully the amplitude is lower and the frequency is longer as time goes on and eventually we can reach the harmony that God put in us from the beginning. But the process, life long, and maybe at the end of our life, we cannot reach it. A lot of times, it is so hard that I want to give up. I want to continue where I was. We have to be cautious and alert all the time, otherwise we will fall again, is that easy to get tempted? 

The dream is “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” Oh, God, maybe it is beyond our knowledge and brain why you created us, the world and the whole thing. But the problem is I want to live a victory life, I want to win every small battle so that I will win the last one. I choose to believe it is only through you that we can accomplish, but it is hard, sometimes beyond our control and imagination. Oh, I can only choose to believe you are the creator, the almighty Lord. God, please help, help with everything, I mean everything. All praises and worships to you. Amen.


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