Baby-sitting my boy

These days my main job is to baby-sit my boy, who will be 3 next month. We got the zoo membership, Discovery Center membership, go to Barnes & Nobles every often to play Thomas and read books. Go to playgrounds or parks, swimming pool, movies, we enjoyed Cars 2. Play with sand and enjoy the escalator at Belk’s. I bought many new and used toys and books for him this month. I redecorated him room, now it is full of Buzz and Woody, cars the Lightening McQueen and Thomas the Tank Engine. We have fun and love more with each other.

Of course there are down times, such as he wouldn’t eat his food, he wants candy, he peed on the couch and carpet. I complained  and yelled. But we love each other deeper. God, are you intending to use this time for me to enjoy my boy and probably make up for him? Oh, I am longing for another boy and pray you will grant my wish. Thank you.

I am very thankful for my boy.


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