Being with my baby boy

My boy finished his first week at preschool and from last Friday he had a cold, coughing and sneezing some, so I kept him at home today and he is very happy that mom is with him. I am not used to this new life yet, and I don’t like very much this preschool operates, they put 3-5 years old all together and don’t teach much. They always play by themselves. So I asked around and we will visit the Montessori preschool tomorrow. It seems they have open spot so if I like it I will register and take my baby there. It is about 10 more minutes drive but if it is good, it is worth doing it. I am not that of familiar with Montessori education ideas but heard of some and I like those. I just hope my boy will not be very quiet, jut make his sound decisions. 

I want my boy to play well, but also learn through playing. I think it is the way baby enjoy learning. They need some guidance for this, but also need to develop independent thinking and if it works well and we can afford it, i want him to stay as long as he likes.

I kind of miss him when he goes to preschool and every day when he says he doesn’t want to go there, it makes me feel bad, although a lot of people told me they need time to adapt.


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