Oh, God, what do you want me to learn? I’ve been praying for things and I don’t think they are answered. I know there are ways I need to improve, for instance, I wait for my husband’s lead on going to Sunday worships and tithe. Should we do these first then you answer my prayers? Am I too ill-tempered that I cannot hear your voice? I shouldn’t yell and be angry easily. 

Every weekday I send Baobao to preschool, it seems i have a hardened heart. I was told it is better to drop him and leave immediately instead of staying for while to accompany him. I did but I don’t feel good. Have you done that? Feel sorry for your kids and wonder how he is doing? Listening to his crying? 

Well, today i visited the Montessori preschool, it is not perfect, but i like it, and most importantly i hope my boy likes it too. We will visit together tomorrow. But we have to prepare his lunch, it may not be a bad thing, i will get to know him more, both learning, playing and nutrition. The driving seems shorter than i thought. Oh, God, is this the one you are planning for Baobao?

And I will learn to save and smartly use every penny, don’t waste a dime. Be a good financial stewart. 

And please help me to endure more, it seems i cannot gracefully handle a small thing that is not on my schedule. Glory to your name.


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