After we played at the Montessori school for about half an hour or longer, Baobao wanted to leave to look for dad, when I asked him if he liked here or not, he said”不喜欢。” which made me very upset. I visited 2 preschools, stopped by 3 and scheduled 1 more these days, I have been trying to find one that is best for him. Now he told me “不喜欢,” you don’t know how sad and frustrated I was at that moment. 

Then we went to Walmart to find a swimming suit for him, tomorrow they will go Rec center. I asked 4 employees there, 3 answers were “over there,” the 4th one asked around and told me they were in infant girls session, if not there, then they don’t have it. Of course it is not there and i was very angry. So i went to the customer service and asked for the manager, both the store and market managers were not available, which was my guess. But I waited until an older woman came out and would like to help me. She searched the women’s and infants’ section and at a tiny place found some swimming suits. I thanked her and left. I still wanted to write a letter to Walmart to express my unsatisfactory with their service.

God, I prayed yesterday that I would bear more and wonder if today was a trial and i failed it. Sigh.


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