Answering my prayer?

These days I am frustrated with finding the best preschool for my boy. Oh, how many i checked? I am not 100% satisfied with any of them. Today when i stepped out of the office, the heat wave coming towards me and it is horrible. In my car when i drove out of school i prayed “God, please give us rain on this land, for the babies’ sake,” which i know every day recently 20% chance of rain and heat index over 100, this is only my prayer. 

I went to the FUMC and wished just picking up the registration form and possibly pay some deposit to secure the waiting list since i was told i would be on that. I entered from the front entrance and went to the preschool director’s office, three ladies were there and they are very friendly. And i was told they have an open spot. Oh, my. A young lady showed me around and since they are not open yet, i cannot see much, but they are nationally accredited and i know two friends’ kids here so I asked for the spot and will send in everything next Monday. 

When i got home, it became dark, and I still didn’t think about anything. Then big wind, even blew away our small pool, and the rain. Now it is raining hard. Dear God, are you answering my prayers? Both the preschool and the rain? I think it is the first time I experience it. I don’t know what to say but thank you. I know this preschool is not Montessori but they are the church operating, having big, big playground which my boy loves, and this is one of the reasons I am not satisfied with the Montessori i planned to go. Clean environment, big space, music every day which i am eager for and not good at. I didn’t meet the teacher, but i know she is certified and they have a creative curriculum, may not be the same as Montessori but better than none. 

I wish the rain can stay longer, to moisten this land that is eager for it, our garden needs it and we need it. It is a perfect rain in this hot summer day.

Oh, God, how much you love me and how much i love you! Big hug and kiss.


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