Catching a cold and my baby

These past week I felt weak and I caught a cold last Friday. I think because I am tired and my immune system is also weakened and was attacked by bacteria. Our body is amazing, there is a lot of things going on inside our body but we don’t know. I also cut my finger and it hurt. I guess many many white and red blood cells are coming toward the wound, I don’t know much about it. Oh, God, please help me recover quickly and I can do many things full of energy. 

Thinking from my baby’s point of view, I stayed at home nicely, but one day I need to go to preschool which I don’t have any idea of. I enter a strange room with people and kids i’ve never seen before and I have to stay with them. I hold on mommy’s hand, but she suddenly disappears and this makes me nervous and I begin to cry. Late in the afternoon mommy will pick me up, but it is a long day. I just don’t understand why I cannot stay home as I used to be. I like those days when daddy was with me all the time. I didn’t need to get up early. I didn’t need to wait and share for toys. 

My poor little baby, you need to grow up and be social, although mom doesn’t want that too, or at least want to postpone that. I still cannot understand little ones how do they accept new things. Everything, literally everything is new to them. How do they comprehend? How do they learn? It is a mystery to me, to all of us. God’s creation is amazing!


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