all sick

finally, we are all sick, it never happened yo us. my husband is sick with gastroenteritis, we believe it is food poison. my 7-month old is sick with RSV. my 4-year old is coughing. I am having a cold with inflammation and dehydration.

where is God’s protection? I don’t feel He is with us right now. I know the verses, but physically I cannot feel his presence. Maybe indeed He is a spirit, my limitation constrained my understanding about Him. You give us life, it is your responsibility to look after us, it is like we are obliged to take care of our children. Where are you? Michael is delayed arrival because he is fighting with Satan again? I feel like being abandoned and forsaken. Let me see your power and fulfilling your promises. Not only my body, my spirit is attacked, I am about to lose my battle, you need to hurry, don’t let your enemy take over us to shame you. I beg you to look upon us, to protect us. Give me the strength of King David.


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