My God, don’t you bless this fellowship? Don’t you show mercy on the people in our group? it is not a group of people that I like, but don’t they gather together here in your name? for the past 5 years, we’ve experienced so much, we need to live as a group of being blessed sinners, we need YOUR HELP. did you hear our desperate prayers? I really doubt you have any purpose on this group. we are plants with shallow roots, we need YOUR guidance, please. I don’t want it to be buried in this sinful world. When will we praise you loudly and be a united one? when can we all work together sincerely under your name? there are so many problems and it seems no solution. Many left us, is Alan doing what pleases you? Show mercy on us, don’t turn your face against us, we are the people meet for bible study because of you. Don’t let the non-believers laugh at us, saying: where is their God? Behold, they are not protected, their leaders are all sick. Don’t you watch over brother Andrew and Alice, don’t you protect my family? Nobody is doing your work! Yes, we are not doing tithe, is this the reason you are not blessing us? Yes, our faith is smaller than a mustard seed, but it is better than none. Tell me, tell me directly as you tell Moses. I cannot live any longer without a clear vision that you are with us.


3 thoughts on “ask

  1. 别沮丧这只是黎明前的黑暗而己,一切都会好起来。有时我们祷告了一段时间,却发现情况不仅没有好转,却似乎是更糟糕,我们不尽要怀疑,这其时也挺正常的反应,因为我们的信心实在是太小。真是求神怜悯我们在这个时刻仍然打开我们的心,让我们看到神的臂膀并没有缩短,HE仍在那里掌权。求神丰丰富富地赐给你勇气、信心、及耐心,直等到HE向你的慈爱与恩典全然地成就,愿你的心向我们的神发出赞美与感谢。神与你同在!不要怕,只要信,一切都会好起来。


  2. 我无法回答你的很多困惑,但是我知道当我处于困境时,我也会和你有同样的感受。在困境中,我们往往很难相信神向我们的心意是好的,而且,我们会情不自禁用世界的眼光、世界的得失来衡量神的心意是否是好的,所以,我们常常很多的困惑与挣扎。但是感谢神,神知道我们的软弱,祂的圣灵在我们的心中,开启我们的心眼,挪去那蒙住我们心眼的那片树叶,让我们在挣扎中看到盼望,从而能一点一点的顺服圣灵的引领,放弃自己的感觉,信靠神的话语。有一天,当我们走出我们的困境时,蓦然回首,我们所看到的都是神美好的心意,而且我们会发现我们的信心也就在这个过程中得到了增强,我们的灵命也得到了成长,我们会发现圣经的话语,也就是神的话格外的真实和信实 —-(神)祂的意念高过我们的意念,祂的道路高过我们的道路; 神所赐给我们的远超过我们的所求所想;神向我们的心意是好的,等等 —– 圣经中的话句句都是真实可靠,我们的神真是信实的。所以,在任何时刻、任何境况下,我们都是值得再忍耐一会儿,再等候一会儿,让神借着这些难处来成就在我们身上的美善之工,并将这一切的荣耀都归给我们的神。



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