The life of Pi and more

I was deeply touched when Pi was holding Richard Parker (the tiger) and said:”Parker, we are dying.” Pi was deeply hurt when they reached the beach after drifting through the Pacific, and left him without even taking a look at him. 

Animals are animals. We are given the privilege to manage the fish, the bird and the animals by God in the beginning of creation and simply they don’t have the spirit that God breathed into our nose. 

It is a good movie and i wonder what kind of experience can lead the author of the book to write it out. What kind of imagination can produce this kind of amazing stuff to us. 

Creativity is the talent that everyone wants, the companies, the societies, all expect the very best of us, but given the funding to a university in TN and maybe other states, directly associates with retention and graduation rates, i wonder how creative can a student be? If professors are asked to maintain a certain GPA in their classes, how sad this is? We can definitely improve our teaching, but not be restricted in this way.

When they reached the floating island with meerkats, with fresh water in the daytime and food, i totally understand they want to stay, but after finding a human tooth and knew that the island in the night has some strange chemical reactions that would turn the water to acid, Pi decided to leave, to go on the adventure that he is not sure he can survive, with the tiger. But they left.

Ang Lee studied in NYU in his mid 20s, and after graduation, for 6 years he didn’t have a job, he stayed at home, taking care of the kids, and wrote scripts persistently, then he was recognized and later directed “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, “Brokeback Mountain”, “The Spyring”, “The life of Pi” etc.

Someone lost in the desert and tried to dig to find water, he dug, dug, dug, and he was exhausted and gave up, died. But with just one more inch, there is water. People have to be persistent, enduring pain and “succeed” in his own way of definition. This movie makes me think.


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