Beibei and Baobao

When Beibei is scared or does not feel comfortable, he holds his head using both hands. Occasionally he “shouted out” to participate in a quarrel or debate, and everyone would be quiet for a second.

We just bought a new toy, it has a big box which can hold lots of toys, on one side is the white board which you can write with markers, the opposite side is black board which you can write with chalk, the third side full of alphabets and numbers, the last side having moving objects you can move around. On the top, there are “tracers” of objects that you can move along different curves, he loves it! He wanted to hold on those curves and objects and tried to stand up. It is so cute!

When Beibei was born, we bought a huge 4-wheel motorcycle and in the name of Beibei gave to his brother Baobao. It was the biggest gift we ever bought and Baobao loves it. From the very beginning, Baobao loves his little brother. He comforts Beibei when he is crying and plays with him, when himself is not occupied by ipad. They are adorable and i sincerely wish they will be like this as they grow up. Love, support and help each other. 

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