Piecewise Thoughts

How to teach the students in this technology explosive era, a time not surpassed ever by any old golden time period? They have access to so many things: Google, YouTube, smart phones, etc. They can find out the answers quickly, but one question remains: do they have an independent way of thinking rather than finding out what is already available? How about their creativity, better or worse? What is the impact of Big Data?

Recently I love to clean our rooms, it is not perfect but better. Then I cannot stand small dirty things like I used to be. If you’ve been shined by His grace and light, you will be sensitive to any more sins or darkness and gradually you cannot stand it, you are eager to have your new life.

I worked for a living. Now I work ’cause I love it. Wish this spirit be with me for the whole 2014.

What a splendid 2013! Trials, difficulties, growth and good news! Wish a prosperous 2014!


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