Never worked during weekend before my tenure, i just told myself i need to have life outside my work. I thought this would be true for the rest of my life. Now i am sitting in my office, although anxiously waiting for the result of Russia and US hockey game, writing stuff for the next proposal due the coming Tuesday.

Last Wed. due to wrong forecast of heavy snow, actually we didn’t get any, kids were sent to home and i had to babysit them in my office the whole day, finishing my late class until 5:35. The next day, due to a rash, which turned out to be nothing by the Pediatrician, i had to babysit Nathan again until my seminar. Nathan also broke my AAAS cup and tore my new business cards. Snacks and water were all over my office. I had a rough week and after next Tuesday i wish i will have a less deadline driven life. Although March 3 is another one. April 1 is the one after.


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