Appreciate My Husband

I’ve taken many things for granted. I complained a lot. Today when I was thinking about what I’ve accomplished so far, I need to thank my dear husband. Without him, I will not be who I am now. Of course I thank God who brought him into my life.

I guess I am very dependent of him, you may not agree it works for you, but certainly works for me. And I realize I need to do more for him.

He is a good husband and dad. I am the friend of my boys, but he is their daddy. When they need a real comfort, they will go to him. He takes good care of them, more than he should do. I have to admit I need to improve.

This year I travelled a lot. Without him this cannot be realized. I still remember last October when I was in Columbus, OH, my little one got foot-and-mouth disease, no medicine, he could only fight by himself. My husband did all for us.

I cannot imagine a life without him. He has done so much for us and I cannot write all down. I just want to say Thank you!

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