Many ongoing thoughts

First I wonder is there a book talking about every (or important) character in the bible in details?

Is there an comprehensive searchable bible that I can find every verse that contains the key word I want to look for? For example: searching for Holy Spirit?

Second, my little one has been sick: fever, severe coughing, vomiting. Liquid in his right lung, not 100% sure of pneumonia. My poor baby, he is tough! Now he got the pneumonia shot and he feels better. We are waiting for the result of viral test. He got RSV twice from daycare, I am suspicious that his respiratory system got hurt, or I should believe his immune system is building up. Pray for my precious one.

Third, listened to NPR about human microbio, the abusive use of antibiotic May lead to obesity, food allergy etc. which have been increasing dramatically.


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