Bible study fellowship

We have had a Chinese bible study fellowship for 7 years, it was started a few months after we arrived here. A Chinese church 30 miles away has been praying for years for this to happen. 

For a long time, I didn’t like this fellowship. The members are not what I think they should be, not as enthusiastic as they should be, not as holy as we should be, not … For twice, because of difficulties i wanted to stop it or handed it over to someone else. But nobody took it and my husband simply said: “it cannot die in our hands.” We continued. It flourished, it had only a few people attending. We’ve been through. 

Today i realized this fellowship is not a sprint, it is a race like marathon, it is a life battle among gentiles. I cannot change people, i can only change myself and rely on God. All the external resources will leave us, only us, only through God, He will finish His work. 

So let’s pray, let’s ask God to humble ourselves and fulfill His plan. May His name be glorified.

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