Disney vacation

We went to some vacations, the one for Disney World is the worst. It really sucks.

First, the tickets, it cost you more than $1,000 for a family of 3. Second, the sun in Florida is a killer. Third, people mountain people sea, you wait hours for an entrance. The fast pass is limited.

It is the first vacation that I didn’t enjoy. I don’t like roller coasters and I hate waiting so long. My patient was killed 100%.

It is a place to burn money and energy. If you didn’t go, you might regret; if you did, you don’t want to go ever again. When I see the blue castle and parade, I was not excited at all. It is a billion dollar industry, that’s it. I should have spend the money and time somewhere else. I can donate it, it is better than going to Disney. It is too big for me.

Vacation should be in the nature, not man made kingdom/parks.


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