Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center

We visited the Olympic Sailing Center at Qingdao, which was built for 2008 Olympic Games in China. We plan to take a sailing ship and tour around.

Qingdao is a harbor, it has ocean and mountains. A good place. During World War II, German took over it and built the sewer system and some houses, which have high quality. Then it was handed over to Japan. Until 1949, Qingdao gained independence as China did.

The longer I stayed, the more I cherish everything I have in US. I spoiled myself and took a lot of things for granted, but thank to God, who has given me the opportunity to observe, experience and think. He is patient and has loved us for eternity. He never leaves me nor forsake me. Please forgive me. 

Please help me to contribute to our society positively and lover my neighbors. 


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