Never give up

Life is a box of chocolate, you never know what you will pick. Now I will say life is a gift from God, because He loves you forever, you should cherish your life as He cherish you as the pupil of your eye.

Never, never, never give up, said Churchill. I gave up easily, no matter it was running, revising a manuscript, working on a degree, getting up early, going to classes or living my life. 

However I am learning and experiencing God’s love, so that I cherish my life and everything in it. It is a previlige to live. No matter what happens to you, always have faith that He is in control, He will not let what you cannot stand happening to you. He always has a plan, deterministic or stochastic or something beyond our understanding. Oh, I appreciate you so much! I live for you, not for myself, because I am like a dust, so trivial, yet you love me deeply as your only begotten son died for me. Who am I, to deserve such a love from you? 

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