Beibei went to his aunt-in-law’s home and enjoyed his time. The next day I started to miss him.

I remembered his favorite sentences: “It’s so beautiful! “His voice confirms you that it is indeed beautiful. “That’s better.” Sounds like bedder. You feel he is so relaxed. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” He will continue to do whatever he wants to do. “I’m tired.” Sounds like he is really tired, but may be not. “I love you, you love me.” You feel so good when he said that. “I’m Anna, you are queen Elsa.” He likes “Frozen” a lot. “Oh, my goodness!”

The other day he made me very angry, so I didn’t have dinner. At 9pm, BaoBao and Beibei started to cook for me. Bao peeled the shrimp one by one and didn’t eat a single shrimp, but Bei, after handing over the plates, started to eat the shrimp one after another. I think we both are the same amount. He is cute, Bao is so sweet!

I am thankful!


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