I woke up before 5am due to a bad dream, I was helpless in the dream. I suddenly felt unsecure and bewildered. I started to pray but haven’t felt peaceful yet. Oh, God, I need your guidance in this sinful world!

I am very thankful for the opportunity you gave me to visit China, and I am grateful before I even realized that you led us to America. I cherish the richness of experiencing multicultural life and hopefully gain the benefit of both. 

My chair once said to me when my first boy was born:” he can experience two cultures.” At that time I didn’t know what it really means, I was frustrated with the first-born and didn’t think about it. 

But in order to experience it, we need to have an open heart and be flexible. We need to adapt ourselves but keep our faith. It is so easy to wander around the attractive world, especially around good fortune. You get lost and confused, forget about your mission, or the reason to live a better life. 

Dear Father, I pray to you that my heart is pure so that I can see you; my faith is strong so that I won’t shake and fall; I am close to you so that I know my path. I pray for our health: body, mind and soul. In Jesus name, Amen.

I feel better. 


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