Return and think…

We will go back to America in the early morning the day after tomorrow. We spent about 40 days in my hometown. 

There are tremendous changes and improvements, and the subway is under the way. I have to admit the cultural environment is still under construction. People are getting richer, but they are scarce in spirit and mind. I feel sorry for them. Oh, God, everything is in your hand, if we want is granted, please give us wisdom and strength to spread your gospel, and make every year hear. You accomplish what you have planned, which is beyond our imagination.

Why there are rich and poor? What is the purpose of it? I don’t always understand. The huge gaps between those two social classes have created many problems. Let your will do.

Thank you again for this opportunity to experience, think, and enjoy our trip. May your glory be praised! 

Keep us safe and smooth in your hand. Let your victory be with us always! In Jesus name, Amen.

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