Preschool 3rd day- BaoBao 

也可能这里的JM们不喜欢type in English, but …..
Son, I don’t know if you will see these writings, first I started a diary in Chinese then gave it up for a long time ’cause feeding you is not easy at all. Then after I created this blog, I restarted in English. I try to write the precious and difficult time we spent together, about your growth. 
Recently you invented “哭鼻鼻,伤心,流眼泪。” Whenever the moment you don’t feel very happy, this is on the tips of your tongue. One day we were eating the leftover of your birthday cake, I fed you a spoon then stopped and ate a few by myself, then instead of saying “mom, give me some more,” you asked “妈妈,你不爱宝宝了?” Oh, my God, your mom immediately fed you and continued feeding you. Where did it come from? I don’t know. One day your told me “宝宝跟妈妈相亲爱,” because your mom kept saying “妈妈和宝宝相亲相爱。” Oh, sweet little angel. 
Since the past month I’ve been with you all the time, literally all the time, when you woke up at night occasionally you no longer asked for daddy, instead you asked for mommy, which makes your dad very jealous. So whoever spending the most time with you get your trust, ha?
Today is your third day at preschool, as the previous two days you didn’t want to go there. I accompanied with you for 20 some minutes and secretly left. I didn’t hear your cry when I stepped out of the door and don’t know how long you cried. But baby, maybe it is our faults, that we spoiled you not to be with others, even in church. We hold you in our hands for 3 years and you are not used to play alone or with other kids comfortably. Then from now on, you need to grow up, learning to be independent and i know it is not easy, but it is good for you. So mom prays God be with you all the time and comfort you and strengthen you.


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