Iran-US nuclear deal and Worksheets

I seldom comment on politics and tried to avoid it.

This morning i listened to NPR talking about the history of Iran-US nuclear deal. It was US who helped to build the first nuclear reactor in the 1950s and an Adam deal for peace was created. Iran gave MIT $20,000,000 endowment to train nuclear scientists for Iran. Later there was the Turan University chanting. 

I don’t know if it is right to think the story about the peasant and the snake. It just occurred to me when i was listening. 

I just shift the gear talking about the worksheets that US students have grown up with. I don’t know when the students will have a book in hand to read since i didn’t grow up and get education here before graduate school. I did know my high school friend who put the book in their locker and my first grader has worksheet to bring home.

I don’t know the origin of the worksheet. I do value greatly a book to read when i grew up, maybe i didn’t read as much as i would do today, but i have a book that i can access whenever i want to.  

I don’t know how many college students i teach can read a textbook in a useful way. They are not growing up reading a textbook, it is worksheet. 


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