The book(s) that Influence/Impress You and more

It is so interesting to know that President Xi Jinping talked about his love of Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, which happens to be one of my favorites. I am thinking: which book impressed me the most?

There are four famous novels in China: The Romance of Three Kingdom (三国演义), Journey to the West (西游记), Water Margin (水浒传),The Story of the Stone (红楼梦),which to be honest, i didn’t read them from head to toe. However, today three books popped out in my mind: White Fang and The Call of the Wild from Jack London, and The Old Man and the Sea. It is not those famous masterpiece, like The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Jean-Christophe, Les Misérables, Jane Eyre etc. occurred to me.

Integrated Approach developed by Luogeng Hua, has imperceptibly influenced me to do things, very efficient. My solid skills of arithmetic in elementary school has benefited my calculations by hand. I never made an algebra mistake.

The words from childhood, meaning those before 18 years old, that I can still remember today are:

  • My high school math teacher said: the equations are more thoughtful than what you think.
  • My high school Chinese teacher said: when you are before 40, do what you must do; when you are after 40, do what you like to do.
  • I excelled in middle school, especially on math and English. But my physics teacher told me: you will not be as good as the others later. I had to admit that my physics and chemistry are bad. I didn’t really understand them, just memorization.
  • My dad said my intelligence is above average. 

Last night i was amazed by  how well my 1st grader boy wrote and thought and wonder what is it like 20 years from now? I recall that 18 years ago, i knew WPS and a little Basic and programmed a little. We didn’t have the phone when i graduated from high school. Now the iPhone is on my palm and I do a lot of things with it. 

Love for a person extends even to the crows on his roof. I began to like purple, camouflage, soccer, more animals, and learning, because of my boys.