09/27/2015 Lunar eclipse ended

7:07-11:30pm US CDT , moon returns white and the lunar eclipse ended. See you again in 2033! When I look up to the sky, I am amazed by His creation. The magnificent universe praises His omnipotence.
7:07pm 与11:53pm 09/27/2015 US CDT 的月亮都是那么皎洁。宝宝贝贝在梦乡中不知道大了14%的圆月和血月曾经发生过,不知道月亮与地球亲密接触过(35万多公里),不知道月亮在地球的阴影里呆了3小时20分钟。这里乌云遮着月亮,Murfreesboro ,甚至Knoxville 的我们也看不到什么。可是在天空中它静悄悄的发生了。我用这个app记录了整个过程。12:01am,新的一天开始了。



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