Thoughts & Beauty 10/07/2015

Remember ,,
– Never make a decision when you are angry ,,
– and Never make a promise when you are happy .”

Read The 3 Types of Parents Who Get Bullied By Their Own Children.

light_swtich animal bian_que

read-think Celestial Spin

Celestial Spin.

Cómo Fotografiar la Vía Láctea Hamid_math

math art by Hamid

zhangye danxia_China Bryce canyon national park_Utah chocolate hills_Philippines fairy_chimney_Turkey giant's causeway_Northern Ireland Ha Long Bay, Vietnam Moeraki boulders San Andreas fault_CA the crystal cave in the Naica Mine_Mexico the eye of the Sahara the great blue hole the stone forest in Chinad valley of the moon, Argentina Vermillion cliffs national monument_Arizona wave rock_Australia

More information can be seen at 15 Amazing Landscape and Rock formation.

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