Solar system and the Greek gods

Had an unpleasant morning. To calm down, I walked over to our solar system observatory, and really enjoyed the planets and refreshed my knowledge of Roman/Greek mythology. Earth is the wife of the sky and mother of all living beings, Uranus is the father of all Titans, and father of Saturn. Jupiter (named after Zeus), Neptune (Poseidon) and Pluto (Hades) are brothers, Jupiter is the son of Saturn. Uranus is both the son and husband of Earth 😯.

By the way, most of the solar system photos are not to the real scales, since Mercury/Pluto will be too tiny, Jupiter will the too big and the sun is even bigger, which can contain 1,000,000 Earths 😲. Pluto was kicked out of the planet, it is trans-Neptune object. A lot of fun facts for the solar system which I will take pictures of our observatory and share later this week.

Space fact:
Pluto is smaller than the United States.


Photo by ins@maleevasvetlana
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