Michelangelo Sistine Chapel (travel version)

I went to Michelangelo Sistine Chapel fresco (travel version) in Opry Mills today. Absolutely gorgeous! (If you’ve been to the real one, you don’t think so😜)

I will do one painting with the Bible story every day for 34 days (34 painting in total).

Appetizer for today: The last judgement (story tomorrow since I haven’t figured out where is John the Baptist, the audience at the exhibit disagreed with me 😜)

Cassiopeia in November

🌟Spot Cassiopeia on November evenings
Cassiopeia is visible in the northern sky during much of the year and throughout much of the night. The best time to enjoy this constellation is late autumn. Like the Big Dipper, Cassiopeia can be seen even on bright nights when the Moon illuminates the sky.
The constellation is easy to find due to its recognizable shape: Cassiopeia looks like the letter M or W, depending on the time of night and time of year. However, if you have some doubts, you can use Star Walk 2 to find the right direction.
Star Walk 2 is also useful if you want to explore the constellation in more detail. Cassiopeia contains several notable deep-sky objects, such as Messier 52 and Messier 103 open clusters, the Heart Nebula and the Soul Nebula, and more. 🌌
Here is a bonus for those who live north of about 40 degrees north latitude (about the latitude of New York). From there and farther north, the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia are always above the horizon at any time of night, all year round. Circumpolar, in other words.
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Cassiopeia over the Alps @xipteras