#7: The Great Flood. Michelangelo Sistine Chapel fresco.

“The Great Flood is the largest punishment inflicted by God for the sins of mankind. According to Genesis, God sent 40 days of rain in order to erase all life on Earth, sparing only Noah and his family. He told Noah to build a boat, the Ark. in Michelangelo’s painting, the Ark is in the background and the white dove is depicted in one of its hatches as a symbol of hope. The foreground is dominated by a multitude of people trying in vain to save themselves, their loved ones and even their possessions from the flood. “

I always wonder how big is the Ark to hold every pair of every kind of animals on Earth? The description in Genesis shows the dimensions of it, but my imagination can’t conclude it is that spacious.

Lion’s mane jellyfish

The lion’s mane jellyfish, also known as the giant jellyfish, arctic red jellyfish, or the hair jelly, is one of the largest known species of jellyfish. Its range is confined to cold, boreal waters of the Arctic, northern Atlantic, and northern Pacific Oceans.
📷 Unknown @Weird and Fantastic Things