Forrest in His Mom’s eyes

Forrest’s 1st grade teacher asked each parent to write a letter about their child, so that she can reflect on this often and teach them better. Here is my writing:

Forrest is a smart, caring, compassionate and energetic young man who loves art (drawing and painting), mine craft on IPad and Xbox, soccer, and cooking. He likes to make stuff and wants to be an engineer. He is our best helper at home. He cleans dishes, mopping floors, organizing his room, helping and playing with his younger brother Nathan (when he is in good mood, -:)

He is not good at expressing his feelings, I wish he would be more talkative about his mood, especially when he is upset and angry. A lot of times he was doing nice things but I misunderstood him because he didn’t tell me and I couldn’t guess it.

He loves drawing and painting starting from preschool, he is very patient when he is doing art, every piece has to be perfect. He began to play soccer in the spring for a morning with MTSU soccer ladies, then he took a soccer camp in the summer and signed for Murfreesboro Soccer Club this fall. He is a good defense and I would like him to try different positions. He has improved his skills quickly.

He writes really neat, when he was before 2, he liked to play alphabets instead of numbers. He likes to write when he has plenty to share. He is really stubborn when I say he is wrong about something, especially about any knowledge that I have different opinion with him. He strongly believes the teacher and himself, rather than me.

He likes to travel and eat outside, he likes pizza a lot. He is a good brother to Nathan, always watches him, but to his brother, sometimes it means annoying, 🙂

He is a great kid and I need to learn to be more patient with him. He is a picky eater, I wish he can eat a variety of food, especially vegetables and fruits.

His middle name is Samuel, and Nathan’s David, I wish he will be wise as Prophet Samuel and guide his little brother as David. His Chinese name is Zhien, it means knowing God’s grace, and his brother’s is Xinen, meaning to trust in God’s grace.

Science Fair

Bao attended the Science Fair. His hypothesis was without sun and soil, an plant can grow with water only. He used mung beans. 

I also took pictures of some interesting projects, from K-4. Very impressive!


Preschool 3rd day- BaoBao 

也可能这里的JM们不喜欢type in English, but …..
Son, I don’t know if you will see these writings, first I started a diary in Chinese then gave it up for a long time ’cause feeding you is not easy at all. Then after I created this blog, I restarted in English. I try to write the precious and difficult time we spent together, about your growth. 
Recently you invented “哭鼻鼻,伤心,流眼泪。” Whenever the moment you don’t feel very happy, this is on the tips of your tongue. One day we were eating the leftover of your birthday cake, I fed you a spoon then stopped and ate a few by myself, then instead of saying “mom, give me some more,” you asked “妈妈,你不爱宝宝了?” Oh, my God, your mom immediately fed you and continued feeding you. Where did it come from? I don’t know. One day your told me “宝宝跟妈妈相亲爱,” because your mom kept saying “妈妈和宝宝相亲相爱。” Oh, sweet little angel. 
Since the past month I’ve been with you all the time, literally all the time, when you woke up at night occasionally you no longer asked for daddy, instead you asked for mommy, which makes your dad very jealous. So whoever spending the most time with you get your trust, ha?
Today is your third day at preschool, as the previous two days you didn’t want to go there. I accompanied with you for 20 some minutes and secretly left. I didn’t hear your cry when I stepped out of the door and don’t know how long you cried. But baby, maybe it is our faults, that we spoiled you not to be with others, even in church. We hold you in our hands for 3 years and you are not used to play alone or with other kids comfortably. Then from now on, you need to grow up, learning to be independent and i know it is not easy, but it is good for you. So mom prays God be with you all the time and comfort you and strengthen you.

Kids growing up

it is so interesting to see the kids growing. It is a blessing to have a family of more than two. 

Everyone has their own character although they have the same parent.

Baibao loves drawing, he is so patient and careful. He sometimes likes to build things, now he is so much into Minecraft. He is very handsome. He has a caring heart. He is our great helper.

Beibei likes to sing and dance, from very little, he dances with the rhythms. He likes Lego and talking. He speaks a lot more words and sentences than his brother at his age. He is very cute. He makes you mad and makes you love him at the same time. 

I am very thankful to have those boys and grow with them together. It is a blessing to have a family of four. 

My precious little ones have grown up!

My two boys have grown a lot. They looked like a lot when they were born, but soon after they started to be their own.

For Forrest I prayed for his born, we named him Samuel so that he would be like the perfect Samuel in the Old Testament, be wise. God granted my wish. I prayed for another boy, Nathan was born 4 years later, 2 weeks earlier than the due date, and we named him David, wish he would be like King David, be strong and courageous. I am so thankful for the boys and pray for the wisdom, love and patient to cultivate them, because they are the gift from God. 

They have similarities and distinct personality. I am amazed by God’s wisdom and creation. May your love, mercy and patience be with them always. 


Beibei went to his aunt-in-law’s home and enjoyed his time. The next day I started to miss him.

I remembered his favorite sentences: “It’s so beautiful! “His voice confirms you that it is indeed beautiful. “That’s better.” Sounds like bedder. You feel he is so relaxed. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” He will continue to do whatever he wants to do. “I’m tired.” Sounds like he is really tired, but may be not. “I love you, you love me.” You feel so good when he said that. “I’m Anna, you are queen Elsa.” He likes “Frozen” a lot. “Oh, my goodness!”

The other day he made me very angry, so I didn’t have dinner. At 9pm, BaoBao and Beibei started to cook for me. Bao peeled the shrimp one by one and didn’t eat a single shrimp, but Bei, after handing over the plates, started to eat the shrimp one after another. I think we both are the same amount. He is cute, Bao is so sweet!

I am thankful!

Before Kindergarten

This fall my big boy will start kindergarten. We postponed for 1 year because he is bilingual and girls develop faster than boys in early stages and we want to spoil him for one more year. I still cannot imagine he is taking his plate, picking up the food, putting on his tray, and the counter may be just a little talker than him. 

Now i realize the time before kindergarten is golden, the little kids don’t know the difference between a Mercedes-Benz and a small SMART car. They don’t compare the huge mansion their friends live with their small and yet comfortable small house. They don’t dress for brand. I still choose his clothes in the mornings and i believe it is a privilege. I miss his baby fat, he is getting taller and thinner. 

In Kindergarten they will learn to be independent and i am not sure i am ready for it. Now i try to send him out to different activities, but one day he will not like to stay at home. He will go out explore, have adventures. Oh, I will miss him.

So i cherish the time before kindergarten, and will use this period of time wisely with the younger boy. Love you, sweet boys.

Mother’s Day 2014

My two little ones made Mother’s Day gifts for me. Bei used his little foot and Bao went to Home Depot to make that flower pot with note card. Sweet gifts from sweet boys.


One of my former student also wrote this, i thought it so sweet. Seriously though, my mom rules. First person to love me, first person to work around my childhood querks, always my attorney in the principal’s office (of which I spent a significant amount of time – my childhood friends KNOW this), introduced me to the rock ‘n roll that has subsequently changed my life, whipped me good when I was a little shit, encouraged me to be an audio engineer when I wanted to be, encouraged me to be a rockstar when I wanted to be, encouraged me to be a doctor when I wanted to be, NEVER told me I couldn’t, showed me what a real fighter looks like, showed me what perseverance really means, taught me to take no bullshit, first person I ever respected, last person I would ever betray. My success is only a measure of her support. Love you, moms! Oh, Happy Mother’s Day AND Happy Birthday too. But mostly I just love you.