贝贝preschool最后一天picnic。Luke: “Let’s throw the ball up high.”

贝贝:”What if God catch it?”


贝:”Oh, He can throw back, and I catch it again. We can do it over and over again.” 多美!When did we lose it?


贝贝每天早晨看妈妈换装都会说:“Beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous, dazzling!”

贝贝喜欢说话。一天我太烦他了,就说:“你是300只鸭子。” “Why?” “因为一个女人是250是鸭子,你太能说了,所以300只。” “Mom? ” ” What?” “Can I be 1million ducks?” “…………”


“I love you with all my heart.

I love you with my true love.

You are the best girl, ever!”


“Nowhere. I just think about it.”

Kids growing up

it is so interesting to see the kids growing. It is a blessing to have a family of more than two. 

Everyone has their own character although they have the same parent.

Baibao loves drawing, he is so patient and careful. He sometimes likes to build things, now he is so much into Minecraft. He is very handsome. He has a caring heart. He is our great helper.

Beibei likes to sing and dance, from very little, he dances with the rhythms. He likes Lego and talking. He speaks a lot more words and sentences than his brother at his age. He is very cute. He makes you mad and makes you love him at the same time. 

I am very thankful to have those boys and grow with them together. It is a blessing to have a family of four. 

My precious little ones have grown up!

My two boys have grown a lot. They looked like a lot when they were born, but soon after they started to be their own.

For Forrest I prayed for his born, we named him Samuel so that he would be like the perfect Samuel in the Old Testament, be wise. God granted my wish. I prayed for another boy, Nathan was born 4 years later, 2 weeks earlier than the due date, and we named him David, wish he would be like King David, be strong and courageous. I am so thankful for the boys and pray for the wisdom, love and patient to cultivate them, because they are the gift from God. 

They have similarities and distinct personality. I am amazed by God’s wisdom and creation. May your love, mercy and patience be with them always. 


Beibei went to his aunt-in-law’s home and enjoyed his time. The next day I started to miss him.

I remembered his favorite sentences: “It’s so beautiful! “His voice confirms you that it is indeed beautiful. “That’s better.” Sounds like bedder. You feel he is so relaxed. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” He will continue to do whatever he wants to do. “I’m tired.” Sounds like he is really tired, but may be not. “I love you, you love me.” You feel so good when he said that. “I’m Anna, you are queen Elsa.” He likes “Frozen” a lot. “Oh, my goodness!”

The other day he made me very angry, so I didn’t have dinner. At 9pm, BaoBao and Beibei started to cook for me. Bao peeled the shrimp one by one and didn’t eat a single shrimp, but Bei, after handing over the plates, started to eat the shrimp one after another. I think we both are the same amount. He is cute, Bao is so sweet!

I am thankful!

Mother’s Day 2014

My two little ones made Mother’s Day gifts for me. Bei used his little foot and Bao went to Home Depot to make that flower pot with note card. Sweet gifts from sweet boys.


One of my former student also wrote this, i thought it so sweet. Seriously though, my mom rules. First person to love me, first person to work around my childhood querks, always my attorney in the principal’s office (of which I spent a significant amount of time – my childhood friends KNOW this), introduced me to the rock ‘n roll that has subsequently changed my life, whipped me good when I was a little shit, encouraged me to be an audio engineer when I wanted to be, encouraged me to be a rockstar when I wanted to be, encouraged me to be a doctor when I wanted to be, NEVER told me I couldn’t, showed me what a real fighter looks like, showed me what perseverance really means, taught me to take no bullshit, first person I ever respected, last person I would ever betray. My success is only a measure of her support. Love you, moms! Oh, Happy Mother’s Day AND Happy Birthday too. But mostly I just love you.




贝贝喜欢跟哥哥玩,笑得很开心。哥哥很会哄弟弟, 提醒我们弟弟没有玩具了, 我经常说“贝贝一哭,妈妈就来。” 宝宝就说“弟弟一哭我就来。”他都记在心里。


Baobao and Beibei

I didn’t have this attitude until now, i am very thankful and proudly of my two boys. It is not the job, the money or anything else i can brag about, it is them. Once i was overwhelmed by the first boy, it took me four years to convince myself that i need another boy. I am very grateful to have two precious boys which look like me but more handsome, each with different characters, even from the very beginning. 

When Baobao started to crawl, we put toys in front of him out of reach, he would pull the bed sheet to move the toys toward him and grab them. While Beibei, he lifts his butt and i guess his legs are strong, he kicked and moves backward, further away from the toys, which makes him mad. Once Beibei fell on the carpet and Baobao immediately told us, i rushed over, he didn’t cry, and I thought he was fine, after i finished my errand, and ran over and picked up Beibei, he immediately began to weep. 


Baobao and Beibei really love each other, they will look at each other, hug each other and Baobao will comfort Beibei when he needs. I cannot wait for them to grow up and play together. There is a wall in our house which i am proud of the most, is a wall with 8*10 photos of them, including some small pictures of dad and mom. 

宝宝的记性很好,很久没去过的地方再一次经过,他都记得。很关心比他小的小孩, 爱他的弟弟。宝宝的脸型到4岁多的时候变了,以前的小腮帮没了,成瓜子脸了,还是帅。不过脾气不小,大概是遗传,看来我们要好好改改。Anyway, a sweet little boy.