See you

Though I do not see you in face

I know you in my heart and through my hardship, I see you

It is not easy to see you with my own eyes

I tried to escape from you, hide from you

I stayed in my shell and darkness

Until one day I have nowhere to go

I need your light, shine upon me

I was refusing free will, but eventually I found it is the most precious gift I’ve ever had

Born in flesh, I was reborn in your mercy and love

Hold me tight, walk with me, fight my battle, grow in You

Be like you, infinitesimal close to you, my love and broom 

I have so many questions to ask, 

When I really see you in heaven, 

All the answers will be revealed to me

I am so looking forward to seeing you

Amazing Kid explaining Einstein’s Theory of Relativity won $400,000

Breakthrough Junior Challenge: Some Cool Ways of Looking at the Special Theory of Relativity by Ryan Chester, a Teenager from Ohio

Still baffled by Einstein’s theory of relativity, or even the parts in the movie Interstellar when everyone experiences time differently? Well, this teenager’s explanation of special relativity even gives Carl Sagan a run for his money.

Ryan Chester, from North Royalton in Ohio, submitted his video for the Breakthrough Junior Challenge, which invites students aged 13-18 to share their passion for math and science with the world. The competition received over 2,000 applications from 86 countries. After being narrowed down to 15 finalists, Ryan managed to wrangle the prize and glory. Ryan wrote the script, filmed, edited, and created all the visual effects and motion graphics for this video.

Overall, he won $400,000 – $250,000 of which will go towards a scholarship, $50,000 to his teacher Richard Nestoff and $100,000 for his school to fund a science lab. Not bad!

Teenager Wins $400,000 For His Video Explaining Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

Lego, Minecraft, Virtual World

I have my concern/reservation about Lego, Minecraft that every kid loves. No doubt, they can help to increase kids spatial understanding. But everything is made of a cube, it is rigid without life.

I love the curve, the real beauty of this world that I can touch and feel. Now everything has been put on Second Life, people get rich because of it. I love nature, the one I am currently living in, not the virtual world, not the one made by 0 and 1.