Good health

Exercising is really important. It keeps our body healthy. This past week
I was energetic during the workshop but this week i feel worn out. My brain seems not functioning 100%. I am not in a good mood to think about research and teaching. Oh, today I need to meet with Glenn to discuss ideas, God, please help my mind be sharp. I need a healthy body and mind to do the things that you want me to do. Please help.

Continue swimming

Due to the workshop I didn’t swim for more than a week and my body doesn’t feel good. This morning I swam for about 200 yards, although a little tiring but feel good. It is very relaxing, you just want to continue if your body allows you. I was the only one in the pool, so spacious and quiet. I wish I can go back and forth without stopping. Feels like a dolphin. The smoothness water flows over your body, you don’t think anything just counting how many laps you finished. I wish I can do many styles and swim freely without sinking after I am tired. I wonder for the first 3 months pregnancy, can you keep swimming or should rest for a while?