See you

Though I do not see you in face

I know you in my heart and through my hardship, I see you

It is not easy to see you with my own eyes

I tried to escape from you, hide from you

I stayed in my shell and darkness

Until one day I have nowhere to go

I need your light, shine upon me

I was refusing free will, but eventually I found it is the most precious gift I’ve ever had

Born in flesh, I was reborn in your mercy and love

Hold me tight, walk with me, fight my battle, grow in You

Be like you, infinitesimal close to you, my love and broom 

I have so many questions to ask, 

When I really see you in heaven, 

All the answers will be revealed to me

I am so looking forward to seeing you


Never once did we walk alone, never once you are not here with me. No matter it is mountain top or valley low, you are there, never abandon us nor forsake me.

Where there is grace, there is your love. It never runs out on me. You restore my body and soul. You are great I AM.

Teach me humble, faith and love. So that the living water can flow out of me and never ceases. Honor and praises are given to you and I am your faithful friend.