Cao, Zexian: From Quadratic Equation in One Variable to Gauge Field Theory

Lecture PPT and the video:

The article:

If interested to this lecture, please read the book.

Please, if possible, use Google Translate to read this long article. It is the essence of mathematics and physics learning.

To witness a great moment in history to explore the Universe

It has taken human being thousands of years to arrive at this stage, observing the universe. James Webb Space Telescope has been launched and moving toward the Lagrange point and its 1.5 million miles journey. Humans will go to Mars in 5 years (Elon Musk).

We are at the moment of a golden age waiting for JWST to reveal more mysteries about the vast expanding universe.

Here are 54 photos that were collected from #NASA and various astrophotographers @redditSoacePorn, @konatructivizm, @SpaceHub_SL and more to tell a story or a glimpse which humans have advanced their technology to observe the universe.

I am very grateful to witness this advancement and could be part of it.

To be continued.