African animals & California fires



Why Hod created human?

This is a question I have been pondering for a long time. One answer is love. God loves us deeply more than we can understand.

There was nothing in the beginning, no human, not a single person.

Then we were created. From the beginning God knows who will follow Him, who won’t. That means when Adam was created, God knew there would be people sinking into hell and suffer forever, as the same time, those who believe will share the glory with Him to eternity.

I wish this logic is wrong and someone can correct it.

You may say God is just, the price for sin is death. My point is if there was no human being created in the first place, nothing would happen.

Of course you can argue we are the clay, whatever the pottery do to the clay, clay cannot have a choice. But isn’t free will the most precious gift from God?

I just don’t understand the suffering, especially the eternal suffering, it is unbearable and hopeless. I wish everyone can go to heaven, but it is impossible, isn’t it?

Maybe some day in the future, when I read what I had written today and laugh at the zero faith by me. I wish that day can come sooner.

God, please help.

Nature, Stars, Black Holes

bald eagle

Bald eagle


Black Hole


Black Hole


Black Hole


Black Hole inside our Milky Way


Clouds above Australia


The timeline of Human and Earth

flying car

A possible flying car


Fuji Mountain, seen from above


The lion family

mikly way

The milky way 


Milky way at New Zealand

Moeraki boulder-New Zealand

Big Stones 


Three penguins on the way home



two eagles

Bald eagles 

Where your heart is, where your heaven is

曾经想过穿越回到某个时刻[偷笑](电视看多了),直到有天接受 interview 问:“Do you want to change anything you have experienced so far? (这一生到现在你想改变什么吗?)”


[惊讶] 额自己都惊了[太阳]。我享受所有的经历:失败,痛苦,疾病,以及美好与❤️。人生不如意,十之八九。但生活不止眼前的苟且,还有远方的田野和科技[耶]。