Famous bristlecone tree in Nevada

This tree is famous: This Bristlecone tree is an estimated 1,400 years old and so associated with Nevada that a likeness is stamped on the back of the Nevada Quarter. Known informally as the Magic Tree, it, like many ancient trees, lives among drought, temperature rise, and the increasing threat of wildfires. Some Bristlecones live 4,000 years, and Guinness World Records puts the oldest at 4,852. Italy has mandated protection of certain trees, and U.S. officials have launched prescribed burns to save the world’s oldest trees.

To witness a great moment in history to explore the Universe

It has taken human being thousands of years to arrive at this stage, observing the universe. James Webb Space Telescope has been launched and moving toward the Lagrange point and its 1.5 million miles journey. Humans will go to Mars in 5 years (Elon Musk).

We are at the moment of a golden age waiting for JWST to reveal more mysteries about the vast expanding universe.

Here are 54 photos that were collected from #NASA and various astrophotographers @redditSoacePorn, @konatructivizm, @SpaceHub_SL and more to tell a story or a glimpse which humans have advanced their technology to observe the universe.

I am very grateful to witness this advancement and could be part of it.

To be continued.

#32: The Last Judgement (Michelangelo Sistine Chapel frescoes)

#32: The Last Judgement

According to the New Testament, the Last Judgement will precede the complete renewal of God’s Kingdom, when Christ will appear and judge the living and the dead. The chosen ones will then enter into the glory of God, while the sinners are damned to the eternal fires of Hell.

The painting was created about 25 years after the completion of the ceiling frescoes. Michelangelo, who was already sixty years old at the time, designed a grand composition that extended across the entire western wall behind the alter and contained 390 individual figures. The center of the painting depicts the figure of Christ, with Mary to his left. Droves of saints surround him, forming a whirlpool with Christ at the heart. Some of these saints can be recognized thanks to specific additions, such as their attributes. Saint Peter, Prince of the Apostles, for example, is depicted with keys on the right, while John the Baptist on the left can be recognized from his animal skin. Like Mary, John the Baptist is considered to be an intercessor for the people being judged.

The area of the painting above Christ shows angels carrying the tools of suffering from the Crucifixion. In the bottom left, Michelangelo depicts the resurrection of the dead, with the chosen ones rising up into the heavenly skies. The right-hand side of the painting shows the fate of the damned, which are being forced down into Hell by demons.

Shortly after the completion of the painting, several of Michelangelo’s contemporaries took offense at the physical carnality of its many naked figures. Work to paint over individual parts of the body began as early as the 16th century.