They say pictures speak a million words, that’s what this pic does. It cries out millions of painful emotions, but are the humans listening?

Exploiting nature has become a common scenario everywhere. Look at the two souls getting separated and still trying to hold on to to the very last second trying to find some peace in it.

One of the strongest animals on the planet but unfortunately not as strong as the cunning mind of humans, the masterminds of destruction..!!

A child’s pray

A mother made a run to Walmart with her young son. While in the store, she turned around and he was gone. She looked all over for him, and was on the verge of becoming frantic when she walked to the front of the store and spotted him.
She was just getting ready to lay some scolding on him when she realized he was doing something very strange.

He was kneeling at one of the benches just inside the store and he was praying. She could not understand why he was doing this. Then she looked above him at the huge poster he was facing. It had photos and descriptions of missing children, and it read: “Every second counts.”

So she took a photo of her son doing this and posted it on Facebook. It went viral in no time. And as it did, one Facebook commenter summed it up pretty well,

writing: “Whether or not you believe in God really doesn’t matter. This was a child in Walmart who was thinking about others and doing the only thing he could to help. The world would be a better place if everyone followed his example.”❤️

Photo courtesy: 89.5 KVNE

Elvis & a blind girl who was in love of his songs

Elvis Presley.

This photo was taken at an Elvis Presley concert in 1975. The singer found out that there was a blind girl in the hall who was in love with his songs, and asked his manager to bring her to the stage. When the girl went up on stage, Elvis knelt in front of her.

  • I heard that you really like my songs, baby?
  • Yes, sir. I listen to them every night before I go to bed.
    When the concert ended, Presley paid for the girl’s vision restoration operation.

Loyal & affectionate wolves

The she-wolf has a habit of wrapping her wolf’s neck because the neck is the most vulnerable part of the animal.

By doing so, she shows him her unconditional love
For ethologists:
wolves are the most loyal and affectionate animals: they have only one partner throughout their lives.
The wolf is known to have almost extraordinary tenderness and affection towards his she-wolf …
To whom she knows perfectly how to return it. @Weird, Wonder and Strange

True heroism: Shavarsh Karapetyan

On September 16, 1976, world-champion finswimmer Shavarsh Karapetyan was finishing a 13-mile training run in Armenia when he suddenly heard a disturbing sound. A trolleybus had fallen over a dam wall and plunged into Yerevan Lake. The 23-year-old immediately sprinted to the scene, stripped down, and dove into the sewage-strewn water to save as many people as possible.

Despite near-zero visibility, Karapetyan swam 15 feet down to reach the trolleybus only to discover there was no open window. So, he decided to kick the rear window out, lacerating his legs in the process. Over the next 20 minutes, Karapetyan managed to bring 37 people to the surface, 20 of whom survived. Another nine escaped on their own through the window he’d broken open.

Karapetyan’s heroism left him with permanently-scarred lungs after he developed pneumonia, and he spent the next three weeks in a hospital bed before he could walk again. But the following year, he participated in two final competitions — where he won a gold medal and broke his 11th world record — before retiring for good.

A violinist boy with tears

The image of the child musician crying was classified as one of the most emotional photographs of modern history.

This photo was taken of a 12-year-old Brazilian boy (Diego Frazzo Turkato), playing the violin at the funeral of his teacher who rescued him from the environment of poverty and crime in which he lived.

In this image, humanity speaks with the strongest voice in the world:
“Cultivate love and kindness in a child to sow the seeds of compassion. And only then you will build a great civilization, a great nation “…
📷 Marcos Tristao

A sculpture to honor the American Choctaw Indian tribe in Ireland

This beautiful sculpture was built by the Irish people in their own country to honor the American Choctaw Indian tribe. They were grateful because in 1847 the Choctaw people sent money to Ireland when they learned that Irish people were starving due to the potato famine. The Choctaw themselves were living in hardship and poverty, having recently endured the Trail of Tears.
And that is a lesson in how to be a person in this world.

Kindred Spirits is a large stainless steel outdoor sculpture in Bailick Park in Midleton, County Cork, Ireland. The shape of the feathers is intended to represent a bowl of food. 💚